Balanspunkten in media

We have during the last years occurred in different media. Below you have a list with some of the articles. Nice for us, maybe interesting for you. Articles, movies, bloggs etc. in both swedish, english and german

Interview in TV8

Gone Camping, a Swedish online traveling show, visited us in September 2017.
Go to “Filmer och reportage”, search for “Grundsund” and you will find us half way through the clip.

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Kate Fluker

A German magazine, Sept 2018

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A German blogger focused on health, who visited in 2018 and liked us.

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Allas, a Swedish weekly magazine

An artikel about How to dare to paddle… from 2018

Allas 38-2018_2


Kupé, a Swedish train magazine

Kupé summer 2018, about us and Skaftö.
Look at page 20-21

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Die Zeit, a German daily paper

Coming soon, in the middle of Oktober 2018

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Lonley Plannet

Coming in February 2019

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Get Away

An artikel from Birmingham Mail 2017. They introduced a direct flight to Landvetter from Birmingham, and what to do here…

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Wanderlust 2014

We are inside the article

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Bohuslänningen, a regional daily paper

In August 2013 there was an article about us paddling with CNN journalist Jinni Reddy for three days.

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More to come…?


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