Body & Soul

Massage. Body Balancing. Kinesiology. Reflexology. Healing. Yogaclasses.

Christina Ingemarsdotter

I am a certified healthcare therapist, trained at GGI (Göteborgs Gymnastiska Institut) and I work with both bodily/physical treatments and health coaching. Within the body treatment category you can choose from a variety of techniques.

For example: Swedish Classical Massage, Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Treatment, Body Balancing, Kinesology, Zonal Therapy and Healing. I also treat work and sports injuries.

Prices for treatments

The price is 750 SEK per hour, regardless of treatment method, students 600 SEK. You can also pay with wellness vouchers on both reception and yoga. If you only need half an hours classic massage or connective tissue massage, the price will be 450 SEK.
If you want to organize a wellness group, I can teach yoga and relaxation. It will lead to increased body awareness, better health and more mental balance.

Two receptions

  • In Gothenburg, – Tuesday and Wednesday, at Järntorgsgatan 12-14, 5th floor . At Moveri.
  • In Grundsund, – Monday and Friday, at Söhalla 9, together with Söhalla Massage

I give two yoga classes in Gothenburg on Thursday evenings and in Grundsund two classes on Monday evenings. All four run during autumn and spring term.

In summer I have yoga in Grundsund Tuesday and Thursday morning. Call for more info. +46 707-332240.

Corporate Wellness

If you need help with the healthcare of your company, we can create a form for this together.


Healthcare is becoming increasingly important in working life. In order to facilitate your employees, a certain category of staff or to yourself, you can opt for a cost proposal. This may apply to ongoing treatments and group activities. I also treat single individuals with stress-related problems. I also arrange kayaking events to any extent for workplaces.
If you want to organize a wellness group, I can teach yoga and lead relaxation. It will open up for increased body awareness, better health and higher mental balance.
I work with Swedish classical massage, connective tissue massage, mobility training, stretching, relaxation, yoga and kinesology. Both massage and kinesology are deductible as personal health / wellness.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page or call 0707-33 22 40 for a first consulation. Besides this, I run “Grundsund Kayak Center”. Perhaps something for the whole workplace or for a smaller group that needs to get closer to each other?

Massage of different kinds

Massage releases a “feel good” hormone that gives a sense of satisfaction and well-being. At the same time, the massage increases the blood flow so that waste products and toxic substances leave the body. In addition, short muscles become calm and longer when tonus is lowered. This increases the mobility of the joints and recovery is improved at all levels.

Swedish Classic Massage

For those with problems with tense and aching muscles. You can get everything from specific massage e.g. hand and foot, to full body massage. Half-body massage is usually appropriate for one-hour treatment, whole body takes a bit longer. Massage releases a “feel good” hormone that gives a sense of satisfaction and well-being. At the same time, the massage increases the blood flow so that waste products and toxic substances leave the body. The tension caused by stress and inappropriate physical activity is released by classical massage, the muscles get warm and soft again.

Relaxation, Stretching and Training Tips

With relaxation and by practicing calmness inner peace can be found inside oneself and you will rediscover your self and your own power. It’s a way to get to know yourself and to be responsive to how you feel and what you really think about. The result will be softer muscles, better posture and less thought noise – a more harmonious life. Does it hurt here and there, do you feel stiff or are you neglecting your body signs? Then you need a review to find the balance between activity and rest in your muscles. You get tips and advice for home use.

Connective tissue massage

A German and Western Technology with Alternative Results… If you have a weak contact with your arms and legs, if you feel numbness, weight, fatigue or have problems with the circulation, connective tissue massage is a good treatment method. Tissue massage means a massage without oil or cream where the goal is increased innervation (nerve contact) in painful, stiff or sore parts of the body, increased cleansing through lymphatic system and blood system and also more circulation in the energy pathways. The pressure occurs under the skin as opposed to pressure in the muscles as in the classical massage.

Trigger points

If your muscle ache has increased to unrealistic and severe pain which appears at any time and does not go away for longer periods of time, you may need a trigger point treatment. The pain can be found in and around a specific muscle or in an undefined area in close by, e.g. up from the neck towards a place on the head. That means that one or more of your muscles have become “locked” by excessive strain. When treated with this method, on small aching points, with movement, pressure and cold, these painful areas can regain their healthy functions.

Alternative medicine

In alternative medicine, one sees the whole human being and assumes that everything is connected. Everyone has a physical, mental and spiritual part witch are held together by an energy flow. Unbalance/stress does occur in any of these parts or in the whole human being. Often it begins in a part and then spreads in the system because everything is part of a whole. With great technical width and my 30 years of experience, we will find the causes of your ill health together and then treat them. Your self-esteem increases and you indeed get an increased quality of life.

Body Balancing

For those who feel that you are often weak in a specific part of your muscles, or if you feel imbalance in your left and right sides, upper and lower body or between the front and the back. A method where the imbalance and weakness of the muscles indicate low activity of internal organs and its energy systems. Treatment takes place at various points on the body to stimulate the flow of blood, lymph, and energy to the organs and muscles.


Do you feel like something is wrong in your body, in your soul or mentally, that the flow of life has turned slow? Pain, anxiety or malady are indications that you have a blocking in your energy system and that you need to solve some tangles or blocks to restore harmony. The treatment focuses on resolving friction in the body’s life energy. Communicating with the body’s own memories, we find the causes of physical and mental problems and unsolved imbalances.


Are you feeling ill or are you worried that you are getting sick? Reflexology can both find illness and strengthen your healing process. With this technique, you can work further at home with the foot zones for increased self-esteem. According to reflexology, the body can be divided into different vertical zones, from head to foot and hands. Within these zones, “energies” flow. When a body “loses energy” somewhere, the zone responds to the body, and its endpoints begin to hurt. When you press such a zone endpoint, impulses go up to the body to “increases its energy”. Blood flow increases and the organ returns to normal function. All organs of the body are considered to be represented, among other things. on your feet, and you usually treat there. Zone points are also available on the hands and on the ears.


For those who believe the power of thought is great and want help to revitalize your flow of life. A pure mental technology, straight from the heart. Healing is a technique based on the fact that all life communicates, all the time. By mentally opening up for healing with the help of thought and love, small and big miracles will happen.