Paddle in winter time, when Bohuslän becomes a pure wilderness.

A winter paddling for new winter paddlers.

1,400.00 kr


Winter paddling, a day in silence and humility

Winter is the season when the nature truly set demands on our possibilities. For kayak paddlers it means traversing a new grandeur landscape. With the conditions of the winter season we have to be humble to coldness and wind. This means paddling carefully at a calm pace with a tightly gathered group. By doing so we are granted access to a unique perspective of the Bohuslän coastline where one can admire the beauty of the rocks, the infinity of the ocean and our own littleness in this spectacle.

We paddle in dry suits, in small groups with one or two guides to experience the great silence in a safe manner. You, as a  participant, have some experience from kayaking somewhere else. This is not an education, it´s a guided tour. Beginners should be in warmer water.

Paddling from Skaftö on selected saturdays during autumn, winter and spring.

We meet at 9.30 am to pack, drink some coffee and get put on our dry suits. Then we set off for a trip, around 3 hours of paddling, with something warm to drink in a thermos. After we finish the paddling there will be time for some reflection and we talk about our experience of the day, before we end the day with a small meal together.

Ice and weather will decide where the starting point will be. You will get information about this at latest the day before.

Special offer

During Mars 2020: Start your adventure at Slipen Hotel in Fiskebäckskil. Take a warm bath in the jacuzzi, have a two-course dinner at the restaurant Brygghuset, sleep in a bedroom with unique design and have a nice breakfast before you set off for some paddling. This luxurious start of your adventure will cost 1295 SEK extra and you book it at

If you like to stay in Grundsund, before or after the kayak tour choosen there is an option at Villa Lönndal B&B. They have no winter season but if you like, I will give you a room and deliver breakfast.

Please send us an email if you have any allergies or other food-related issues we need to know about, or have any questions.


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