Sweet & Salty

A beautiful and transforming week

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Kayaking in both salty and fresh water 

Paddling in a kayak, sleeping outdoor for a night, has this sometimes crossed your mind? Visiting Sweden and the Bohuslän achipelago with soft, smooth cliffs and small fishing villages, always closely connected to the big endless sea? Have you dreamt about a trip in the big forrests of Dalsland with plenty of small lakes hidden all over? Of a comfortable outdoor adventure with indoor nights and good hosting? And perhaps elevated even more through really good fresh food and good guiding?

We offer you, who wish to learn and enjoy kayak paddling, a carefully selected package of sweet and salt, sea and forrest, outdoor and indoor, all in one week.

Week schedule

During this one week you will learn to handle the kayak in both salt sea and fresh water lakes.

– Day one you arrive in Grundsund and find Villa Lönndal where you will have time for information, questions and understanding of the region. We start the paddle experience at the Grundsund Kayak Center/Balanspunkten with a half day beginner course in the afternoon.

– Day two we paddle the kayaks out on a wild camping tour with a kayak guide. We bring cooking gear and delicious food, tents and eyes wide open for the beauty of nature in the Bohuslän Archipelago.

– Day three we return to Grundsund after lunch and during the afternoon you are free to further exlore Skaftö Island on your own.

– Day four is dedicated to traveling. We head for Upperud 9:9 in the forrests of Dalsland. Traveling by car, we take the opportunity to make a break at the Bohuslän Museum in Uddevalla for both  lunch and some historical understanding. At arrival in Upperud there will be time to settle down and enjoy a nice evening.

– Day five we get ready for another kayak outdoor tour with the guide. Same procedure but this time in a really different landscape. Fresh water lakes, a lot of green  nature around and small red cottages.

– Day six we return to Upperud and finish the paddling. The afternoon is free, relax and enjoy the surroundings, the kitchen and the beautiful indoor architecture.

– Day seven you will end the stay and start your return.

Food and accommodation:

The first two nights will be at B&B Villa Lönndal in Grundsund, with private bathroom and small kitchen in your room. Dinner will be at two different restaurants at Skaftö Island, Brygghuset where you will go by bike, and Pelles in Grundsund. In Upperud you will eat and sleep in an old, remade granary at the very edge of the water. It is a place for the one who loves design, as well as tasty food. Nature is the focus of both the menu and the building.


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