Winter paddling to Lådfabriken on Orust Island

A great way to get filled up by emptiness

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A luxurious weekend in an empty archipelago

Can you imagine paddling south from Skaftö Island on a Saturday, arriving at a cozy place? Eating delicious seafood and staying the night? On Sunday you can take a shorter, or longer, walk and have lunch before a local fishing boat picks you up and drives you back to Grundsund in the afternoon. Treat yourself to this extraordinary experience of being almost alone on the sea, enjoying the silence during late autumn, winter or early spring.

Grundsund will be the starting point, where we meet up at 8.30 Saturday morning. We start the day with some coffee and have a talk about how the day is going to look. After that, we put the dry suits on, put the kayaks into the water and start off towards Edshultshall on Orust island. Depending on the weather we might have to start from Rågårdsvik on the southern side of Skaftö, in which case we will drive you, the kayaks and the equipment over there.

We will use the daylight for paddling and arrive sometime in the afternoon after a nice tour with spectacular scenery. The beautiful nature and the weather decide our pace, but the estimated paddle time is around 4-5 hours.

An Alternative for more of everything

If you like to start on a Friday instead, have a full day at Lådfabriken during Saturday experience their surroundings, staying another night and at Sunday paddle back to Grundsund. Please then book one of the longer options.


In Edshultshall our meals and accommodation will be at beautiful Lådfabriken. Lådfabriken translates to “the Box Factory”, and the hotel is indeed an old, rebuilt box factory. The owners, Johan and Marcel, have made this into an extraordinary house bursting with colors and curious shapes. A true delight for a creative mind and others alike. They will take good care of us, we stay in the beautiful and unique rooms and enjoy delicious meals.

The price depending on the choice you do. For 2 days you pay 4050 sek and for 3 days 6950 sek.
In wintertime (January – February) there will be fish and seafood on the menu.

Paddling on Lucia Day!

Our first offer will be on Lucia Day (Friday 13th December) which is part of the Swedish Christmas tradition and celebration. When we arrive at  Lådfabriken will be met with fire and hot drinks and we celebrate Lucia Evening in the best way possible. We stay one night and let Saturday be a calm and relaxing day, maybe some local walk. The fisherman Bobbo from Grundsund picks us up in the afternoon and drives us back while the sun sets. If you like and have energy enough there could be paddling back to Grundsund instead.

Our special price is 2 950 sek on this special occasion includes kayak rent, guide, accommodation, dinner, breakfast and lunch at Lådfabriken, and then also getting picked up by boat the next day. Or a guided tour back to Grundsund

Booking according to availability. Feel free to send us an e-mail with your preferred dates and we’ll check it up. Please send us an email if you have any allergies or other food-related issues we need to know about or have any questions.


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