Kayak course, six hour with lunchbreak

A full day course filled with skill training

From: 1,250.00 kr


A day course developing your skills

A popular full day course filled with what you need to develop your skills. It could be a beginner course if you like, expanded with extra Technic training and knowledge about choosing safe being on tour, about wind and waves. Bring extra clothes, a raincoat (if needed), bathing clothes, bathing shoes and some water to drink.

The year around

The course is open to book the whole year around. In summertime also for beginners. During wintertime it will be a skill developing course and you have to rent a dry suit to participate. When you want to book a specific date, please send a request. We are offering a lot of tours and we try hard to avoid double bookings.

Lunch break

Lunch is brought by the participator.


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