The idea is to love life

I, Christina Ingemarsdotter, am the founder of Balanspunkten/The Balance point. I love nature, I love to paddle and I love to be alive. This I want to share and that’s why I since 2005 work at my Kayak Center, give treatments for imbalance since 1987 and offer yoga classes since 2003.


In summertime we expand the staff and become group of colleagues at the Kayak Center in Grundsund. This year (2018) I have Clara Lerbro, Lotta Josefsson and Pia Herbertsson at my side. On special occasions I also invite Regina Cederfelt, who is a Bohus Guide, to participate.
This winter (18/19) Clara will accompany me as a guide. I believe in Winter paddling. The inviting silence, the experience of creating a relation to and getting a feeling for the powerful nature, together with good and humble people, that is what is important. With dry suits on and the importance of making wise decisions in mind I started to offer day trip winter paddling in 2016. The tour will always include tasty food on a cozy destination like Smögen, Edshultshall, Kärringön or Rågårdsvik.


The Bohuslän region is where I feel at home. I’ve kayaked and sailed here my whole life, this is my archipelago. During my younger years I sailed a lot, then I continued with kayaking, which I’ve been doing ever since. 2018 will be my 40:th summer in a kayak, that’s a big thing to wrap my head around, but it feels amazing.