Kayak in Bohuslän

An introduction into kayaking the Swedish Westcoast

If you are interested in learning how to sea kayak in the Bohuslän archipelago, you just found the perfect spot. You can book your kayaking package by clicking here. On this page, we walk you through the seasonal specifics to prepare you for your kayaking adventure in Bohuslän and Grundsund. For starters, we think that autumn is the best season for kayaking with overnight stays while spring rather suggests itself for day trips.

Grundsund is only a one and a half hour drive away from Gothenburg. I Grunsund is right at the sea. All the islands in the area bear clear traces of the ice age with their round shapes. The harbour and the fishing community have a long history of fishing, boating, stonework and shipping, that has been rough at times.

The archipelago is sparse with flat, green vegetation and plenty of bare rock and cliffs. The rounded granite has a unique appeal in all weather conditions. Summer and winter are equally beautiful, autumn and spring even more so. The phenomenon eludes any attempt to explain it.

Grundsund is located in the middle of Bohuslän. It is the area where gneiss turns into granite and where the archipelago is both wide and varied. Fertile and green eastwards, bare and open westwards, everything is within reach.

Our kayak center is located in Grundsund. We offer kayaking courses, kayak rental and guided kayak tours. If you have the skills and experience, you can rent a kayak and explore on your own.

We coach, recommend routes and take people in groups on various adventures. The coast is well suited for outdoor activities. Since the weather changes frequently in Bohuslän, even in summer, every day here in a kayak becomes quite unique. The different conditions give us a humble mind. In summer, we offer kayak joy and experiences from half a day to up to whole weeks.

What is it like to kayak in Bohuslän all year around?

Summer is the most intense part of the year for us at Balanspunkten. Beginners usually feel most intrigued to learn how to kayak and when they are a little more experienced kayak along the coast.

Autumn is calmer and quieter. A little bit colder, shorter days, more colours. Sometimes weather requires us to kayak in more sheltered waters. It is super cozy to camp for a night and light a fire. We are happy to advise you on good tours and places. Autumn is above all a time for day tours.

Winter sneaks in in late November. Now a dry suit is needed to kayak safely. We always accompany the tours during winter and take good care of you. Cold water and open sea require good knowledge of the area. There can be ice around here. Therefore, clothing made of wool, extra equipment and a warm lunch bag is invaluable. The days are remarkably short and it is important to come indoors after the tour and get something good to eat. We do trips to great food locations and trips with decent accomodation for those who want to stay overnight.

Spring arrives with longer days, lots of birds and compelling and cheerful sounds. Nights as well as the waters are still cold in april. We do day trips in dry suits until the end of the month. Our kayak courses in kayak technique and our kayak rental begins in May. The season for longer trips with nights in tents also starts in May.