Kayak tours, adventure and experiences in the beautiful Bohuslän

Our philosophy is to show you nature, its greatness and power. We mean that kayaking makes us stronger, healthier, happier and more free. Follow us and participate, choose between a shorter tour around Skaftö or Gåsö Island or expand your plan and do a longer tour along the coastline of Bohuslän. We offer kayak tours all the way to Strömstad and Gothenburg. Wintertime we do different day trips.

We at Balanspunkten like to go kayaking in the Bohuslän archipelago for several days at a time. We offer specifically tailored kayaking packages with which you can really explore yourself and the area and have a competent guide on your side who knows the surroundings and its secrets. The guide helps with wise road choices, wise campsite choices, cooking good food and tips on good paddle technique in various circumstances. If you travel to us for a kayak trip for several days, you will develop into both a better paddler and a happier one. You can also rent a kayak with us .

We let the situation create the conditions. Adapting to nature is always the basis of a good life. We challenge and develop your technique, use natural forces for learning and enjoy both movement and tranquility. The days are filled with simple and important choices, the nights with god sleep after physical work.

We paddle to Strömstad, we paddle to Gothenburg. We paddle around Orust, around Skaftö, around Gåsö archipelago and sometimes around the harbor. Bohuslän in kayak is the best thing we know – one day, three days, six days. More? We also like to camp which adds an extra flavour to the experience.

Winter trips take place under slightly stricter conditions. We make sure to come indoors when it gets dark, to eat well and sleep in a proper bed. Those kayak trips are shorter, happen mostly on weekends, and we treat ourselves a little extra afterwards. The winter trip requires more respect and a more unified group. We get in touch with our calmness, with emptiness, with beauty and with feelings of humility.

To participate in the tours, you must pack proper gear and ensure that it works. Take a look at our packing lists and do not hesitate to ask questions. Good – and well chosen – personal equipment is nuts and bolts for outdoor life. Don’t mess with it, choose natural materials, consider the kind of outdoor personality you are and what regulates heat and dampness well. You don’t know everything, yet, just take what you think is good with you and the kayaking adventure can begin.

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