Kayak rental in Grundsund

Rent a kayak for yourself or a double together. Make a little tour - or a longer one. The sea is waiting. We will help you to do good decisions before the tour and feel happy that you found us. Kayak paddling, that´s life.

We rent our kayaks for half a day, whole day, 24 hours, weekends and whole weeks so that you can adapt the paddling to your own schedule. Most of our customers rent a kayak for a full day or half a day and paddle around the Skaftö archipelago and off Lysekil. However, if you choose a real kayak weekend in Bohuslän, you can paddle as far as Uddevalla, Smogen or Käringö.

You can rent single and double kayaks. The single kayaks are available in two models: a short, light and stable (Oasis). This model fits best for beginners. The second model is long and narrow (laser). It is best suited for experienced kayakers and longer trips.

We also have different models for double kayaks. If you rent for a longer trip, you need a larger model that can accommodate luggage for 2 people. If you rent the kayak during the day, one with a smaller packing volume is sufficient. Things that also affect the choice of kayak are the size of the cockpit, whether the kayak has oars and how much legroom is available. We recommend that you try the double kayak on site or ask us in advance.

Oasis kayak rentals are now available in several places in western Sweden as self-service. You will find them in Fiskebäcks kil at Lyckans Slip, in southern Orust at Stigfjorden and in Dalsland at Upperud 9: 9, near Håverud. The rental provides you with paddle opportunities to enjoy kayaking in other beautiful surroundings. We do not offer training in connection with the rental at these places, so the prerequisite for the paddle trip is that you can handle the kayaks completely yourself. The booking must be received no later than the day before arrival.

At Balancepunkten we love kayaking and are happy to give you some useful tips for those who want to paddle longer in the archipelago. We know the best campsites, where it’s more and less windy, and where it’s easiest to kayak.

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Showing all 5 results