Welcome to Balanspunkten/Grundsund Kayak Center

Before paddling out:

  • When you paddle a kayak, always bring a change of clothes in a dry bag.
  • Paddling is a physical activity. Make sure you bring a water bottle or two and a snack to quench that thirst and get some extra energy on a day tour. When leaving for several days it becomes even more important to bring enough water for cooking etc.
  • If you want to bring electronics, we recommend a proper dry bag. We offer small ones if needed.
  • Bigger bags and small unnecessary things (car key etc.) could be stored at the office during daytime.
  • There’s no excuse for littering. Please collect your litter during the paddling, recycle and throw the rest in a garbage bin when you get back to Grundsund.
  • Check the weather forecast. Some days offer a little bit of both when it comes to sun and rain. So why not be prepared for both? Bring both sun screen and rain clothing.
  • The weather here in Grundsund is often better than what is described in the weather report. If you want a live update, you can always give us a call regarding the weather. If you find the weather too rough, it’s usually possible to organize a drop off at a more sheltered starting point if you like.
  • But, too hard winds will always be an accepted cancellation argument.

General information:

We care a lot about the environment. Please help us in our work towards becoming more sustainable by keeping the area and nature tidy. Use our litter sorting containers after the paddle tour.
Toilets and showers are located beside the car parking area.

Finding a parking space during the summer season is sometimes hard. We recommend you to arrive at the Grundsunds Marina and Kayak Center first to unpack your paddling equipment and then park your car beside the local school or in front of the sports hall called Bottnahallen. Both are around a 10-minute walk away. If we have a normal load in the parking lot, the car will fit in with us. Otherwise, please move the car to one of these 2 mentioned parking places.

Bottnahallen 7-days free parking space: https://goo.gl/maps/Kmj6vQrb2rA2